One of the deepest and deadliest.

The Black Country. A name whose simple evocation gives you shivers, so much its past history is tinged with black and blood. Many men have left their hopes there.

Abandoned for generations, this industrial area in decline is once again under the spotlight. One mine in particular, one of the deepest and deadliest, is the focus of attention. Gold. A lot of gold.

Myth? Only the bravest will dare to venture into the maze of these dark galleries to find out. Many, in a last hope of shining, are already on the warpath. First come, first served. The rush has begun.


This race counts for the official F3U Belgian FPV Racing Championships. All the pilots must follow our rules.

  • F9U 2019 – Stage #02 (out of 05)
  • Event Status : Coming Soon
  • Pilot Registration Fees : 20€* * Must be paid in cash the day of the race


  • Event Date : Sunday 23/06/2018 (2st edition)
  • Schedule :
    • Check-in & technical control* : from 7h30 to 8h30
    • First race : 9h
    • End of competition : 17h
  • Registrations : CLOSED
  • No access to the track will be allowed before the race

* All drivers MUST be in possession of their license (in paper version or on smartphone). As well as their AAM/VML or FAI number noted on their quads. Licenses, failsafe & VTXs will be checked.


Model Club du Chaufour Rue du chaufour 230 6181 Gouy-lez-Piéton (Courcelles) GPS : N 050°28’48” E 004°18’13”