Belgian F3U Championship 2019

FAI Rules Modifications

We invite all participating pilots to read carefully the rules of the Championship. Play fair, play by the rules.

1. Model general specifications

1.1 VTX (Video Transmitter)

The following brands can be used as long as the VTX of those brands come with a CE certificate and is compliant for the IBPT. Each pilote is repsonsible and must ensure the legality of its equipement.

  • Immersion RC tramp HV
  • FuriousFPV
  • TBS

1.2 Camera

Only camera using European “PAL” format will be accepted. No re-flight will be granted to any other format.

1.3 Motorization

  • OPEN serie : 6S ( max 25.2 V) / 5S (21,0 V) / 4S max (16,8 V)
  • STARTER serie = 3S max (12,75 vots)

1.4 Propellers

  • OPEN serie : 6 inches max
  • STARTER serie = 5 inches max

1.5 Lighting

  • Each aircraft must have a minimum of 8 on-demand RGB programmable LEDs. LED must be placed below each arm
  • The LED must be able to be programmed with the YELLOW, RED, GREEN, BLUE colours. Those colours will be associated to the assigned VTX Channel:
    •  YELLOW IRC 1
    •  RED IRC 3
    •  BLEU IRC 5
    •  GREEN IRC 7
  •  Each pilot must be able to assign (and modify) the associated colour during the race event.

1.6 Radio Transmitter

Your radio transmitter must comply with European legislation.
This means that for 868MHz transmitters, a maximum of 25mW is authorized.

2. Racing circuit

2.4 AirGates

  • The circuit should include from 3 to 10 airgates
  • The maximum opening dimension  of the airgates are : – width = 3.5 m – Height = 2.5 m. Biggest airgates may be used to define a curve.
  • Less than 10 meters length straight line may be used before any gates in agreement with the Sportive Director (AAM/VML)

5. Contest organisation

5.1 Practice flights

One practice flight can be foreseen at the beginning of the event, left to discretion of the organizer.

5.4 Qualification stage

There is no qualification stage anymore. Pilots will fly all around the day as defined bellow **

5.5 Elimination stage

There is no elimination stage anymore. Pilots will fly all around the day as defined bellow **

5.6 Final stage

There is no final stage anymore. Pilots will fly all around the day as defined bellow **

** All day flying stages at Belgian F9U Championship

1. Pilots are mixed by 4 in each heat, based on temporary general results both in Open and Starter series.

2. Pilots will fly several laps determined by the Sportive Director (or the Race Director). Laps will be determined to have a flying time of around 2 minutes. – The final time is take into account for each pilot.

  • If the pilot crashed, the penalty default result will be 4 minutes.
  • If the pilot doesn’t  finish the necessary laps after 3 minutes of fly, the default result will be 3 minutes.

3 Each multiple of 3 rounds is entitled to removal of one of the heats. The eliminated heats will be on all those of the day.


  • if during the whole day there was 3 flying heats, the worst result will be remove from the final result.
  • if during the whole day there was 6 flying heats, the 2 worst results will be removed from the final result

Final Ranking of the Day

  • The result is based on the sum of all heats time of the day, excluded removed heat (see 5.6.3)
  • Scores will then be provided as describe below (this rule is based on point calculation used in moto GP)
    • 1st : 25 points
    • 2nd : 20 points
    • 3rd : 16 points
    • 4th : 13 points
    • 5th : 11 ponts
    • 6th : 10 points
    • 7th : 9 points
    • 8th : 8 points
    • 9th : 7 points
    • 10th : 6 points
    • 11th : 5 points
    • 12th : 4 points
    • 13th : 3 points
    • 14th : 2 points
    • starting from 15th, each pilot present will receive 1 point excepting for the excluded or absent pilots.
    • One extra point will be added for the fastest heat in each Open and Starter series
    • We obtain the final ranking of the day (exception see 9.)

Final Ranking of the Season

The season ranking is the sum of all the points/pilot obtained after each round. The 4 best results of the season will be used to obtain the final ranking. In case of ex-æquo the ignored value is taken into account; the biggest is then selected.

The 3 best Starter pilotes must fly in Open serie on the next year.

6. Flight occurrences

6.1 Faults and penalties

  • In the event of an air gate or an obstacle that needs to be crossed is not effectively crossed, the pilot may try to execute a manoeuvre to cross the air gate or the obstacle again. If during this manoeuvre the pilot has a collision with another model, he will be disqualified from the current run and will receive the default penalty of 3 minutes.
  • If the pilot does not cross an air gate or an obstacle to be crossed, penalty is defined as follow :
    • Each fault result of 10 seconds of penalty with a maximum of 4 faults. After 4 faults the maximum result of 3 minutes is applied.
  • In the event of  the pilot flying out of the track, or in a dangerous way,  it will receive yellow card as well as a penalty if 10 minutes fort the current heat. In case of additional faults, the pilot will receive a red card and will be disqualified for the rest of the day with 0 point on final ranking day.

6.4 Video issues

  • Pilots whos do not want to be connected to the available ground station can’t ask any re-flight for video related issues.
  • If the material is provided by the organizer, a re-flight can only be granted if it is proved that the problem was caused by an identifiable external cause.
  • In any cases, the competitor can’t turn against the organizer

6.5 Reflight

The following additional case is taken into account for the Belgian F9U.

Championship only :

  • When collisions between models occur before the first gate the concerned pilots benefit of a re-flight.
  • A re-flight will be organized at the end of running heat in order to obtain a flying time.
  • If a new collision happens during this re-flight, both pilots will obtain the maximum default of 3 minutes.

7. Helper

Helper can provide flying instruction but must not disturb other pilots. The helper must cooperate if a judge ask him to be quite and talk less loudly.

8. Official

8.3 Judge

  • Each FPV pilot is accompanied by a judge standing next or behind him.  The organiser will try to provide external fixed judge for entire day. In case of this is not possible, one pilot form one category will judge a pilot from the other category.
  • In any case it is remarked that the judge has an incorrect use of the timing system by stopping to early the chronometer for example, both pilot (judge AND the concerned pilot) are disqualified from the flying heat and/or the contest (according to the race director decision).

9. Interruption of the contest

In case of the race must be interrupted for any reasons, if the competition can’t restart, only the completed heats are taken into account for the final ranking of the day.

10. Registration fee.

The participation to an event is bound to a fee. The fee is 20 Euros per pilot and 15 Euros for additional pilots of a same familly.

FAI Sporting Rules

These points are an appendix to the FAI 2019 World Drones Racing Championships Sporting Rules.